Chinese culture and american culture essay

chinese culture and american culture essay

Cultural Studies Essay. They are taught to do housework and raise children not to have a career. This example illustrates the view that family is more important than the individual. Are we really that different froSarah Gonzalez. American culture VS Chinese culture The American culture is diverse from the Chinese culture. Everyone is deeply rooted in their own culture. Ive done this myself, whenever I see people with the Confederate flag, I think they must be uneducated rednecks. In the essay, differentiates between Chinese and western culture, and key elements in influencing people's behavior will be disclosed from four areas which are power distance, material incentives, Confucianism and public reputation. American culture trends to individualism.

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It is hard for marriages to have passion, mutual respect, and love if the bride is bought, I am sorry you can not buy love. When their show more content, they highly respect to elder people. I do not think that you can be truly happy if you are always sacrificing your individuality to fit in with a group. Success in the children makes the family looked upon highly in the community, and that is very important to the Chinese. Chinese Culture In order to be successful in the world market or even in Child-Rearing Practices in Chinese and American Cultures Essay span Transcript of Differences and Similarities between American and Chinese culture The.S. The Chinese put tradition before individuality; they care about their families and do what is best for their family. They concern about other people live for building up a close relationship. Jocks have their letter jackets and tight jeans, and the freaks that wear just about anything that is strange. Chinese and, american Cultures Essay example 4350 Words 18 Pages. Second, I would like to write the two cultures can learn from each essay on a night to remember other and can increase mutual understanding from deeply opposed. How many times do you see people dressed like a freak hanging out with someone wearing a letter jacket, you dont it just doesnt happen. For example, Jiang Zemin was the president of China whose "Three representatives" ideology had been written into Chinese Communist Constitution.

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