Benefits of fitness essay

benefits of fitness essay

of force you generate using your muscles. It sort of make you forget all the work or stress you have taken for the day when you are doing exercise and sports. It is a combination of both. When you are fit, you feel energized and want to be active. Exercise is an important part of a fitness program. Being fit isn t just based on a diet, or just doing exercise.

Benefits of fitness essay
benefits of fitness essay

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The truth is, unfit people are always tire. And a healthy diet is important in preventing or treating the above diseases or conditions. People will start noticing you, inviting you to parties, and being more popular or socially active. Some of these recommendations include cardio-respiratory exercises and sustained periods of vigorous activity. Research has shown that people who are in shape and fit are less prone to disease such as coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, frailty, diabetes and conditions like obesity than the people arenot. From a business perspective, it would help everyone within the company increase production and feel more confident in the workplace. Doing aerobic and weight exercises such as running, walking, swimming, weight lifting etc.

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