Extinction of wildlife in malaysia essay

extinction of wildlife in malaysia essay

significantly, having destructive effects on many elements of the native environment of which they have become part. See also edit References edit Usher,. People are taking over space that formerly was leftto the animals, and it is causing the loss of reduction of manyspecies. Pollution in many forms, raw sewage, the pit and the pendulum expository essay and toxins dumped into rivers, including everyday, and dangerous debris disposal mishandled. Conservation for the Twenty-first Century. So the orangutans are suspected to only have 5 years left! This has unknowingly led to a decrease in their reproduction and hence put them on the endangered list. For instance, 75 per cent of all species in the United States that have become extinct were native to the Hawaiian Islands, where 3,900 exotic species have been introduced since European explorers first arrived in 1778. Various measures like building sanctuaries, strict action against poaching and wildlife activism have already been taken up which has resulted in an increase in the population of wild animals. A specie can become extinct if it is over hunted, natural vegetation has been destroyed and if their homeland has been occupied or destroyed. The dire wolf, an ancestor of the grey wolf who lived 10,000 years ago is extinct increase in housing area due to the increasing e forest security cannot control the poaching of animals in Indian forests reover the pollution leads to the distruction.

The dust clouds engulfed the Earth and temperatures changed dramatically. The extinction of the dinosaurs is thought by some to have beencaused by the Earth being hit by an asteroid. We are chopping them down for cheap wood, to graze cattle for cheap meat for fast food chains and to grow palm oil which is used in masses of food and other products. There are other factors such as a giant asteroid smashing in to earth or increasing volcanic activity, these normally cause mass-extinction.e, the dinosaurs(or.T extinction, because this caused the cretacous era to come to an end and start the tertiary era(and no I dont. Examples include burrows and thorn bushes. Because we keep killing it, one way or another. Frequently species that are uncommon in their home range become out-of-control invasions in distant but similar climates. In the last 50 years, cropland has been reduced by 13 and pasture.

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extinction of wildlife in malaysia essay

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