Admission essay ethical dilemma

admission essay ethical dilemma

rooted in ethics of our culture. The Supreme Court has recognized it as a constitutional right. The doctor is not strong leadership skills essay removing the patient s autonomy, however by giving him advice (persuading him) she is not respecting his autonomy to the fullest extent. In the event that the doctor divulges this information, respective malpractice insurance policies might not cover the institution for a breach of confidentiality if the patient sued. He is contacted by a certain Laura Manion, wife of Frederick Manion, to help defend the case of her husband who was charged of first degree murder of Barney Quill. However, Manion has also admitted to him that he has killed Quill. This situation creates an ethical dilemma because no matter what decision the doctor takes it will oppose a belief. If the doctor were to tell her patient s wife she would completely remove the patient s autonomy since the patient would no longer be able to choose or have any influence on the reaction his wife takes. The Hippocratic oath states: what I see or hear in or outside the course of treatment, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to speak about (Jonsen, Siegler, and Winslade 166). Or should she keep this information confidential because of her duty as a doctor?

In conclusion, because of the doctor s profession she would not tell the patient s wife, nonetheless, leave this to the patient. Among these exceptions is to report a communicable disease: The obligation to safeguard the patient s confidences is subject to certain exceptions, which are ethically and legally justified because of overriding social considerations. Click on one of our latest additions to see us in action. His job is to give him the best defense available so that he may be entitled to due process of law. According to Jonsen, Siegler and Winslade: A patient s right to privacy and confidentiality has one of the highest priorities in our legal system. Confidentiality is prima facie to these exceptions. The patient nervously confesses to the doctor that he s been cheating on his wife. The dominant motivator to tell in this scenario would be the friendship between the doctor and her client s wife. For example, the patient helps the doctor by telling the doctor he is ill, the doctor then prescribes medicine to cure the illness. After weighing the factors the realizes that if she breaks the confidentiality she could be dismissed from her job immediately and be liable for charges laid, and fines upon conviction. If he will defend Manions case he will have to lie in court and concoct a reason why he committed the crime of murder which in this case he did by saying essay journey love poverty war that it was made out of irresistible impulse.