Research paper on educational technology pdf

research paper on educational technology pdf

culture or region or by individuals or groups in the culture or region. The, cultural and Regional Perspectives Section (formerly, international Review ) welcomes innovative research about how technologies are being used to enhance learning, instruction, and performance specific to a culture or region. Theoretical perspectives can be broadly based and inclusive of research, such as critical race theory, cultural-historical activity theory, and cultural models. Papers published in this section include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods articles and reviews drawing on relevant theories, empirical evidence, and critical analyses of the findings, implications, and conclusions within a cultural context. The Research Section assigns highest priority in reviewing manuscripts to rigorous original quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods studies on topics relating to applications of technology or instructional design in educational settings. Analytical papers that evaluate important research issues related to educational technology research and reviews of the literature on similar topics are also published.

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This section features well-documented articles on the practical aspects of research as well as applied theory in educational practice and provides a comprehensive source of current research information in instructional technology. Empirically based formative evaluations and theoretically based instructional design research papers are welcome, as are papers that report outcomes of innovative approaches in applying technology to instructional development. The Development Section publishes research on planning, implementation, evaluation and management of a variety of instructional technologies and learning environments. Educational Technology Research and Development is the only scholarly journal in the field focusing entirely on research and development in educational technology. Papers for the Development section may involve a variety of research methods and should focus on one aspect of the instructional development process or more; when relevant and possible, papers should discuss the implications of instructional design decisions and provide evidence linking outcomes to those. Educational Technology Research, past and. Focus and importance of educational technology research. In this paper,. Educational technology research ;. Research on the Role of, technology in Teaching and Learning.

research paper on educational technology pdf

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