Air trans essay

air trans essay

based the fact of the sonic booms that the aircraft emitted along with the concerns about the high altitude, gas guzzling flights would deplete the ozone layer. Supersonic Transports and the Future, while the future of the Concorde is in jeopardy because of it s recent accident, and the first and it s first with fatalities involved, the future of the SST looks bright. In January, 1976 British Airways and Air France began to regularly scheduled passenger flights, inaugurating a new era in Supersonic passenger travel.

If you could fly From the United States to Europe in half the time of a regular jet airliner for just a small increase in cost, this would appeal to many people. The British and French had begun to do this prior to the United States starting an SST program. The Ministers Black Veil By Nathaniel Hawthorne. On December 11, 1967 the first prototype (British-French) Concorde is unveiled in Toulouse and the first Concorde (French #001) took flight on March 2, 1969. The ratio of general air transportation compared to that of supersonic transportation is a very small one. Since commencing operations in 1973, the Concorde fleets of Air France and British Airways, each with seven aircraft, have achieved a combined aggregate of more than 100,00 hours of flying at supersonic speeds(Barbaux et al 1994). Currently two groups are in the process of designing plans for a new improved SST. The idea being to design and build an SST that would be economically attractive to air passengers. As of 1996 there are a total of 14 Concorde s in service by Air France and British Airways and 5,961 domestic and international aircraft in service. History Of Super Sonic Trans. The other factors which have bogged down the forward progress of supersonic transportation compared to general aircraft transportation were the effects it has on our environmental system.

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air trans essay