Research paper on topology

research paper on topology

and Cameron Gordon, Characteristic submanifold theory and toroidal Dehn filling, Advances in Mathematics, 230 (2012). Knot Theory and its Ramifications 24 (2015) 24 pages (pdf file). Sometimes, an article describes a new tool or method. Topology and its Applications is primarily concerned with publishing original research papers of moderate length. With Yi Ni, Finite Dehn surgeries on knots in S3, Algebraic Geometric Topology, to appear. Javier Casas-de la Rosa. Differential topology that deals with differentiable functions on differentiable manifolds Geometric topology it mainly deals manifolds and their embeddings (placements) in other manifolds. With Yi Ni, Dehn surgery on knots in S3 producing Nil Seifert fibred spaces, preprint. Cyclic surgery on satellite knots, Glasgow.

However, a limited number of carefully. Algebraic topology tries to measure degrees of connectivity using algebraic constr ucts such. Journal articles are most often Primary Research Articles. With Yi Ni, Finite Dehn surgeries on knots in S3, Algebraic Geometric Topology, to appear. With Thang Le, Character.

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research paper on topology

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The mathematical focus of the journal is that suggested by the title: Research. With Steven Boyer, Reducing Dehn filling and toroidal Dehn filling, Topology Appl. With Ian Agol and Steven Boyer, Virtually fibred Montesinos links, Journal of Topology 1 (2008). Topology includes, General topology that establishes the foundational aspects of topology and investigates properties of topological spaces and investigates concepts inherent to topological spaces. With Alexey Bolsinov and Anatoly Fomenko, Three types of bordisms for integrable Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom, Trudy miran 205 (1994) 32-72. With Joseph Masters and William Menasco, Heegaard splittings and virtually Haken Dehn filling, New York. With Steven Boyer, Marc Culler and Peter Shalen, Characteristic subsurfaces and Dehn filling, Trans. With Steven Boyer and Cameron Gordon, Reducible and finite Dehn fillings,.

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