Effects of global warming on humans essay

effects of global warming on humans essay

Since ice has started to melt approximately three weeks earlier than it did 35 years ago, we are starting to notice a rapid decline in polar bears. Students in the school are generally get this topic to write some paragraphs or essay. The atmosphere absorbs outgoing reflected thermal radiation to keep then earth warmer than it would be otherwise. Sea Level Change: One major consequence of global warming arising out of greenhouse effect is the rise in sea level. Increasing need of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, and gasoline) by the people of industrial civilization is giving the opportunity to rise in carbon dioxide emissions. The arctic fox is an example for this situation. In conclusion, if we make small changes now in the way we live, we can avoid. Our mal practices just to live luxurious life on daily basis are hugely altering the environment as well as endangering the lives of people in return.

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In conclusion, sea level rise is mainly good parents essay caused by global warming ; it has many effects on people and the environment such as, it causes coastal erosion as well. tags: Global Warming Essays. Heating of the environment increases atmospheric temperature (by 3 to 5 C by the year 2100 increases sea level (by 25 meter by year 2100) and heat, melts glaciers, increases health disorders, changes climate, changes weather, increases annual power of hurricanes, calls natural disasters (floods. The greenhouse gases such as carbon-dioxide and other pollutants absorbs more heat from the sun then it radiates back. I know. In future, warmer world will face water crisis in some parts while in other regions it will be wetter than it is now. Ielts Model Global Warming Essays : Writing by students preparing for the test. However, that is not all of the effects of global warming. (Globalwarming) It is caused by the release of carbon dioxide also known as Co2. Essay on Impact of Global Warming on Oceans. So what are the.

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