Philosophy essay god existance

philosophy essay god existance

cope with in most cases. Assuming God exists, his failure to eliminate injustice (an instance of unnecessary evil) would imply that he lacks at least one of the following three attributions: omnipotence, omniscience, or wholly goodness. If God were omnipotent then he would be capable of doing so, and his failure to do so would cast doubt on his goodness. No human could have brought it about no matter how evil she may have been. At least some of the people affected by the natural evils are innocent and are undeserving of the pain afflicted upon them. Along those same lines, Aquinas considers philosophers as simply, lovers of wisdom who lack the fullness of knowledge as Christ reveals. Even though there might be no satisfying reasons for ones actions, another persons mere inability to justify them is insufficient to entail lack thereof such reasons. However, since humans are not the cause of them, then the justification should not come from them. Got a writing question?

philosophy essay god existance

The existence of God is a matter of debate in philosophy, the philosophy of religion, and popular culture.
This justification can be used to effectively refute any argument against existence of God that is based on existence of evil.
God, if existent in the sense that theists believe he does, would be omnipotent, omniscient, and wholly good.
Although everyone agreed that God existed, philosophers such Anselm tried to prove God 's existence anyway.

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This is clearly an instance of injustice. The underlying principle impact of media essay of such arguments is that if God existed, he would eliminate evil, and since there are various types of evil present in the world, God does not exist. The explanation suggests, since having free will is better than not having it, God created humans with free will, and thus gave them the ability to choose to do evil. "Philosophy of God.". Consequently, God, by nature, would not engage in any act of evil. Hurricane Katrina, September 11th attacks, and the Holocaust are a few examples of numerous others.

M, (January 01, 2000). This type of evil can be explained as being a consequence of humans possession of free will. To weaken the belief of Gods existence even further, free will explanation does not account for the instances of natural evils.