Harvard art history thesis

harvard art history thesis

visual material. Meet with committee, set dates, prepare and submit bibliography and summary of expectations. To.m., on consecutive days (no weekends or holidays).

All in all, it was about 11 months before Copley was able to open his friends letter and learn that painters in London thought his work was generally wonderful but that it suffered from being rather too lineyand that Copley might consider correcting that fault. At least two months prior to the examination, the student should consult with advisers and present to the department a written proposal describing the general and specific fields to be covered in the examination and suggesting a committee. Copley was unsure exactly what that meant, and dispatched another letter asking his friend to inquire further into the matter.

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But he felt stranded in the backwater colony of Boston, thousands of miles away from the nearest art academy. Look at that squirrel. It sounds nostalgic and gratuitously traditional. During the past few years, I have begun to feel that I need to take a more active role in shaping the temporal experiences of the students in my courses; that in the process of designing a syllabus I need not only to select readings. In essence, a coin is a tool for transmitting value through space and time in the most stable possible way. And the first thing I ask them to do in the research process is to spend a painfully long time looking at that object. The courses had close ties with history and literature, and the Classics, modern languages, and history departments took an interest in and supported the electives, believing they complemented their subject matter. Every external pressure, social and technological, is pushing students in the other direction, toward immediacy, rapidity, and spontaneityand against this other kind of opportunity. Indeed, in the terms of educational science, this agonizingly slow response pace would be identified, I believe, as non-formative feedback. Day 3: Oral examination, 2-3 hours. All works on paper will be framed for the purposes of the exam.