Education system essay in india

education system essay in india

for the proper education of the children and adults. (d) To make right to education a fundamental right for all children in the age group 614 years. Students have to learn a common curriculum largely (except for regional changes in mother tongue) till the end of high school. This system (pattern) provides for two streams the higher secondary schools; the academic streams paving the way for higher education and the vocational stream of terminal nature. There has also been an increase of 19 in how many girls enroll essay discipline students life hindi in school and attend school. Policies are announced at the national level periodically. Today almost every university in India is offering correspondence courses for different degrees and diplomas. Kendriya Vidyalay Organisation (KVO) was set up under the Education Ministry, Government of India, New Delhi.

Both the private sector and the public sector finance the education in India. The funding and control comes from three levels, it comes from the local financing. To strengthen the Indian Education system, an educational policy was adopted by th e Indian Parliament in 1968. Education was made an important and integral. Read this full essay on Indian Education System.

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The main purpose of the conference was to consider the replacement of the overseas Cambridge School Certificate Examination by an All India Examination. However, very few schools live been able to offer this terminal education. The announcements are; (a) To progressively increase expenditure on education to around 6 percent of GDP. In fact correspondence education has opened new vistas for the educational system which could not successfully meet the challenging problem of providing infrastructure for multitudes of new entrants into the portals of higher education. No doubt, this has resulted in serious problems such as inadequacy of financial resources and infrastructure and dilution of personal attention to the education and character-formation of the students. Officer/ Inspector of schools looks after the educational institutions in his/her district. The grant-in-aid is meant to help reduce the fees and make it possible for poor families to send their children. All these are private schools and generally cater to children from wealthy families. The National Policy on Education, 1986 and the Programme of Action (POA) 1992 envisaged free and compulsory education of satisfactory quality for all children below 14 years before the 21st Century.

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