Essay computer has brought silent revolution

essay computer has brought silent revolution

Delhi, apiarist Satwant Singh manages his 250 bee colonies with. The price-tag: Rs 140 crore. Computers have taken up key roles in all fields of activity including agriculture, weather forecast scientific research, designing, banks and financial institutions, space research and technology, communication and media, medicine, aviation, railways, traffic control, language learning, literature pay for report homework and entertainment. Now they are off.30.m. CMC realized this while setting up indonet, the country's first commercial computer network linking eight cities. Says he: "Before, my cupboards were bursting at the seams with case histories. Madura Coats, the Bangalore-based yarn manufacturer, now uses it to create unique colours for fabrics. The National Council for Educational Research and Training (ncert) was to coordinate the project along with the doe and state education departments. For instance, when the Department of Electronics (DOE) began computerising Central government offices, it could sense fear among employees when the computers were installed. Although computer institutes have sprouted in most cities, they are able to train hardly 20,000 people a year.

In the last two years alone, nearly 75,000 of those one lakh computers have invaded offices and factories, homes and classrooms, all over the country. Amidst the loud clatter of ancient typewriters and the tangle of red tape, in as many as 59 Central government departments in the capital, computers are now keeping track of files, maintaining vital statistics and reviewing the achievement of targets. The head chef of all that egg-breaking is Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi with his 21st century buzzword. Architect Ajit Bhuta designs his dream buildings on his home computer.

However, in those branches that have gone "live the panda bear essay machines seem to be working well. Computer retail outlet: Sales boom, motor Industries Company (mico the motor-parts manufacturer, replaced its 20-year clock-punching system, erratically logging attendance of its 4,800 hourly rated workers, with a computer. The result: computer prices crashed and sales trebled. There he discovered that Tezu had electricity only at night. Looking up for a moment, Chordia says: "My computer helps me in my inventory control, sales data and invoicing." High-sounding words, but how does the chip help him? Use of computers has its negative aspects too, at the individual as well as the social level. On Bombay's teeming Dalai Street stockbroker Arun Sheth has a client on the line asking for advice on investments. A computer can virtually carry out any activity but it cannot think at least for now! They can efficiently carry out monotonous and hazardous tasks. Evil or super-efficient, computers are increasingly making themselves felt as indispensable in homes, school and offices even in a developing country like India. Now, when a customer presents a cheque to the clerk, he just feeds in his account number and in seconds has the balance flashed on his screen.

Computer graphics, one day I received a computerized letter beginning with: Dear Dr Mr, i had lost my identity but I was still getting my mail. Ready or not, the computer revolution has already overtaken the country. Computers have evolved extreme rapidly in the past fifteen years. Sharrna: "At the than a level, we found that the investigating officer had to make out three sets of reports: one for the charge-sheet, one for the courts and finally, if he found the time, another for the records section." The result was that the.