Essay about road accident in malaysia

essay about road accident in malaysia

agent to document the accident. The greater the speed the greater the impact (more serious situation of the person impacted). Such road will cause the motorcycle easy get in the hole and injury because of motorcycle is lack of brightness looks clear the conditions of the road. Not sticking to speed limits. Other disadvantages include traffic backup, anddamage. The Human Factor : The ease with which Driver's Licences can be illegally procured in Nigeria ensures the steady supply of unskilled drivers on her roads. Abdul Rahman, N, Road safety situation in Malaysia.d. Some of them are verytouching and can relate to a lot of drivers today. This is for check out whether our car is still on safe conditions for us to drive or there is any mechanical failures occur such as break failure, tires, wipers, and. This can happen when roadways are not constructed appropriately and lead to conditions that allow for accident to occur.

essay about road accident in malaysia

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Which is also means that, we cannot stop our car when we on driving. The last categorize of road accident is because of the weather. 2.1.1 Human Error One of the leading causes is driver error. I realize that the total numbers of road accidents happen in each year of the year 1998 until year 2006 are reach six digit of number. A lot of accidents happen as a result of cars unexpectedly running into obstructions and road hazards on the country's highways. Broken down vehicles, abandoned vehicle parts etc) on the roads. Answer The Number 1 cause: Inattention, Number 2 cause: Impairment, Number 7 cuase: Speed. Such accidents often result in loss of life and material. However, in the eyes of an insurance company, discursive essays definition of they would determine who is at fault using the same rules that apply on public roads.

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