What is main body of essay

what is main body of essay

D To start with, getting a job teaches young adults early in life how to become reliable individuals and citizens. Supporting sentence: This is because many people tend to lead a busy life and after a long day at work it is easier to just buy ready meals in the supermarket or get a take away. Small amounts of fluoride help reduce tooth decay. A recent study showed that 37 of parents prefer home schooling.

what is main body of essay

It indicates what the paragraph is going to discuss, and thus serves as a useful guide both for the writer and the reader; the writer can have a clear idea what information to include (and what information to exclude while the. Before moving on from the introduction, readers should have a good idea of what is to follow in the essay, and they should not be confused as to what the essay.

You may be writing an essay on something to do with science. To illustrate this, in Japan the majority of youngsters are under pressure to complete lots of homework. It is obvious that example 2 is a much better paragraph because it follows the structure below: Topic sentence: One of the reasons that people are becoming overweight these days is that they are eating more junk food ready meals and convenience food rather than. By the way, the examiner will not check your statistics so you can just make them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Dont just repeat the thesis statement, expand on it and explain giving specific examples. Conclude your essay by restating the main idea in different words.

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