Discussion section of a research paper pdf

discussion section of a research paper pdf

of the focus of the study In conclusion, the author(s) should ask themselves the following question at every stage of the writing process. Another approach concerning this issue is to accomplish manuscript writing process within a week. With the latter approach, the target is rapidly attained. Indeed during this time interval a new article which you should consider in the Discussion section can be cited in the literature. On the other hand, we think that research team consisting of different age groups has some advantages. However, in parallel with academic development, our novice colleague manuscripters can prefer collectioners approach.

discussion section of a research paper pdf

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Besides, talents, skills, and experiences of the researchers in different fields (ie. However during this process your outcomes should be revealed fully, and roughly the message of the manuscript which be delivered. Before submission of the manuscript to the target journal the opinions of internal, and external referees should be taken. Otherwise pre-peer review process can delay publication of the manuscript, and decrease motivation of the authors. For the placement of references use of software programs detailed in other sections is should the government censor the internet media essay a rational approach. Achievement of the shared duties within a predetermined time frame will sustain the motivation of the researchers, and prevent wearing out of updated data. Besides application of a template which contains the intended clear-cut messages to be followed will contribute to the communication of net messages. Other erroneous issues consist of superfluousness of the manuscript with unnecessary repetitions, undue, and recurrent references to the problems adressed in the manuscript or their solution methods, overcriticizing or overpraising other studies, and use of a pompous literary language overlooking the main objective of sharing. The first control should concentrate on the evaluation of the appropriateness of the logic of the manuscript, and its organization, and whether desired messages have been delivered or not. The justification of this approach is to see the missing aspects of the study and the manuscript writing methodology, and try to solve the relevant problems before completion of the study.