The renaissance essays in interpretation

the renaissance essays in interpretation

of the Middle Ages. Literature, poetry especially, emphasized the importance of nature and childhood two things they believed brought them closer. Where the Middle Ages took the meaning out of the arts using paintings and sculptures for nothing more than decorations in houses of religion, for instance the Renaissance gave it back. One great example of this is the Mona Lisa which can be seen in the Louvre in Paris. Romantics turned to nature for true beauty and for means of escape, relied on intuition and insight, admired the lower classes for their folk cultures, and stressed imagination and creativity. They became concerned with proportions of people and even started cutting limbs off dead bodies from the morgue and measuring them to get the proportions right on their paintings.

Explaining the Tarot: Two Italian Renaissance Essays on the Meaning of the Tarot P ack Ross Sinclair Caldwell, Thierry Depaulis, Marco Ponzi on Amazon. Interpretation of the Spanish Renaissance as part of a wider European. Ideas 20 (1959) and was reprinted in a revised version in Renaissance Essays,.

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This type of observations discuss essay thinking eventually sparked more drastic changes, like Charles Darwins book, The Origin of Species 200 years after the Renaissance ended. During the Middle Ages, religion was hugely important to everyday life. Also influenced by the classical world was literature. The reason that this is thought to have happened is because so many disastrous things happened during the middle ages (e.g. The newfound wealth of this merchant class enabled them to play an influential part in Renaissance society. In the Middle Ages in Europe, especially Italy, people were very religious and almost everyone was devotedly catholic. The eighteen hundreds saw the birth of Romanticism, a period of time where emotion was thought to be more important than reason. Other aspects of life that were affected by the Renaissance included art, architecture and science. Many artworks from the Renaissance endure today and continue to inspire people all over the world.