How to be human essay

how to be human essay

instinct to thrive by establishing a persistent practice of seeking to replace ignorance with knowledge. It is the deterioration of the justice and virtue of our human character that Socrates believed was the only definable harm. There are a great many citizens who spend a proper amount of time developing their mind and character in the best ways. Think of it this way, would you rather be killed by Nazis in a concentration camp or be a Nazi running a concentration camp? It is our natural right and our fundamental good to be intensely focused on our own benefit. This did not happen in my country, which is the United States. This ability is strengthened by developing the habit of living the examined life, where the daily quest for knowledge and the critical examination of our own ideas, character, and behavior strengthens our ability to allow our behavior to be influenced by knowledge. Although the terms moral and ethical are often interchanged, in this essay I restrict my use of the terms ethics/ethical to refer to our process of reasoning about morality.

Harmfulness is the only evaluative criterion used for assessing the evil, or the wrong, of behaviors. And if she cannot understand you properly Explain all to her happily. Questions: Does your smaller scope and intensity of wrongdoing mean that the character of human evil within you is really different than the Nazis? It is highly likely that you have never committed a wrong action in which you did not seek to benefit yourself. Why is group functioning so important? When accuracy with regard to fulfilling plans is a matter of life and death to the group's achievement of a goal, people who say what they mean and do what they say optimize group functionality. This is because it is only through harmful behavior that any measure of human evil (no matter what your concept of evil) is recognizable. There are many people in the United States who have the precious freedom of speech to say and think anything they want. The most common and insidious reinforcement of the self imposed concision of our thought life is our amazing appetite for distraction.

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