Adsorption research papers

adsorption research papers

Aldaz,., Feliu,.M. Graciela Martnez-Paredes, Mara Begoa Gonzlez-Garca, Agustn Costa-Garca, Genosensor for sars Virus Detection Based on Gold Nanostructured Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes, Electroanalysis 21 (2009) 379. The 2016 impact factor.631. Da Silva, Cau. Squella "1,3-Dioxolane: A green solvent for the preparation of carbon nanotube-modified electrodes" Electrochemistry Communications 48 (2014). Massimo Di Fusco, Cristina Tortolini, Daniela Deriu, Franco Mazzei, "Laccase-based biosensor for the determination of polyphenol index in wine" Talanta 81 (2010) 235. Miriam Arag, Cristina Ario, ngela Dago, Jos Manuel Daz-Cruz, Miquel Esteban "Simultaneous determination of hydroquinone, catechol and resorcinol by voltammetry using graphene screen-printed electrodes and partial least squares calibration" Talanta 160 (2016) 138.

adsorption research papers

Shahriar Al Hossain, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Alfred. Christos Boutopoulos, Eleftherios Touloupakis, Ittalo Pezzotti, Maria Teresa Giardi, and Ioanna Zergioti "Direct laser immobilization of photosynthetic material on screen printed electrodes for amperometric biosensor". Santangelo "Origin of the different behavior of some platinum decorated nanocarbons towards the electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen peroxide" Materials Chemistry and Physics (2016). Mohammad Bagher Gholivand, Leila Mohammadi-Behzad An electrochemical sensor for warfarin determination based on covalent immobilization of quantum dots onto carboxylated multiwalled carbon nanotubes and chitosan composite film modified electrode Materials Science and Engineering C 57 (2015). Rogers "Polythianthrene ladder oligomers function as an organic battery electrode with a high oxidation potential" Synthetic Metals 231 (2017). Bismuth and CO coadsorption on platinum nanoparticles conserve environment short essay Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2014) 118 (40) 23100.

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