Canada electoral system essay

canada electoral system essay

decreasing since the middle of the twentieth century, as shown by an increase in voter apathy. tags: Political Reform Term Papers 4627 words (13.2 pages). This wait inbetween the two rounds of voting can sometimes lead to voters switching allegiances as their first preferred candidates in the first round may be eliminated before the second round. Due to the use of two votes, the process is prolonged. This has not been the case in Canada. Few amendments have been made since its creation, which has left our modern nation with an archaic system that fails to represent the opinions of citizens. The 1997 Election also demonstrates fptp in its weakest form as even though the Conservatives gained a reasonable level of votes (18) in Scotland, they did not gain one seat in parliament. Distressingly, this means that the party that wins the highest number of votes in the House of Commons may not necessarily have received the highest percentage of votes. Of the major democracies in the world, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are the only countries that still have SMP systems in place. Term Papers 1761 words (5 pages) - There is a fundamental problem with the democratic process in Canada.

The executive role is the branch of government that is generally responsible for creating laws, and enforcing the regulations to ensure these laws are observed. Using the single member plurality (SMP more commonly referred to as first past the post, method of seat allocation in both the House of Commons and each province's Legislative Assembly, whoever gets the most votes is asked to form the government; this only takes into. The Additional Member system, gives a fairer result. The results of the election allocated 142 seats to the Conservatives, 76 to the Liberals, 37 to the NDP, 50 to the Bloc Quebecois and 0 for the Green Party.

Electoral System in the UK: Pros and Cons. The electoral systems existing in the UK today are currently under scrutiny with a call for reform for the First Past The Post (fptp) with the recent AV referendum, in which people voted NO against a reform to the current system. Changing the Electoral System in Canada Essay 1752 Words 8 Pages Changing the Electoral System Canadas friendly neighbor to the South, the US, has an electoral system that is composed of 3 separate elections, one of them deciding the head of state.

An electoral system is designed to provide those who live in democratic governments with the opportunity to vote in an election for the candidate whose platform coincides with their political beliefs. Already, three provinces have attempted to vote on electoral reform; however, the vote did not pass in any of them. To produce a more effective government, Canada's single member plurality electoral system should be replaced by a system of proportional representation (PR). Since its inception in 1867, Canada has been using the first past the post system during elections to decide their leading party. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government in Canada. The purpose of Majoritarian Electoral Systems, are generally to elect with a majority of votes in the constituency. tags: International Politics.

The Second Ballot system is a single member constituency. Canadians generally pride themselves in being able to call this democratic nation home, however is our electoral system reflective of this belief?

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