What to put in discussion thesis

what to put in discussion thesis

the thesis in the right spirit, you are likely to be experiencing Doubt. These remarks may be of an advisory nature. General Rules, these are the general rules you should adopt when composing your discussion of the results : Do not be verbose or repetitive. 4) What information will you leave out? Use the same key terms, narrative style, and verb tense present that you used when when describing the research problem in your introduction. Have it proofread by Scribbrs language experts! Any new information belongs earlier in the dissertation. How do you find the balance? Whereas you kept it concise in the dissertation conclusion, you write more in-depth about the subject in the discussion section. Organize the discussion from the general to the specific, linking your findings to the literature, then to theory, then to practice if appropriate. The limitations of the research are discussed.

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Its an issue that comes up time and time again in my workshops. Do not provide any new information in the conclusion. No extraneous information is provided. Find out how your study treats the first person before you use. Do not give examples in your dissertation conclusion, because you should have already worked out your conclusions (with examples) in the rest of your research.