Argumentative essay on killing animals for fur

argumentative essay on killing animals for fur

all this years a lot of animals died and its wrong! It is very cheaper and animals dont have to suffer. As we all look into it, there are tons of disadvantages that still apply today. Its defiantly fine to kill animals and eat them because we actually need to eat meat for protein.

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It has been reported that we have killed over nine billion chickens, pigs, cattle, turkeys, sheeps, goats, ducks, and geese annually in the United States. As some people say, we live in a strange world, but to me it seems to be sustainable on the things. Man-made materials can be less durable but I think that its better than harming animals. This brings a serious show more content, we go kill, sell, buy, eat, wear every animal on the planet every day; this is byron mouton term paper how we keep our lives sustainable. Today lots of people especially ecologists and animal rights defenders oppose many things that people have been doing for centuries. Well, you can imagine the reversed role and not forget the fact that animals possess as much rights as humans, and what would we be showing young children, our future generation? They were source of furs, skins, bones and meat. We should think about animals which are suffering for. Yes the things we do are sometimes the things we regret.

Nowadays, the top of wealth is possessing a expencive furs. Another one is unnecessary because we can now make man-made materials very cheaply. I agree with statement that it is wrong to kill animals only because we want have warm fur on cold winter. They think that wearing fur is natural and they have been wearing it for thousands of years and they wont stop. Now a days more animals are being scientifically fed to grow fast and meaty, so much for brings the extinction of organically feed. I am sure that this theme has more advantages than disadvantages. Why Wearing Animal Fur Is Wrong Essay Example. I met people with thinks that there is nothing better than natural fur.