Essay on responsible driving under the influence

essay on responsible driving under the influence

to another. Taming a Mountain Road With Horses and Cars. . Citizens in our society should not drive under the influence. It should be made that a zero tolerance breathalyzers machine should be mandatory in every new vehicle that you buy. Before you drink always think about other people and how you could effect there lifes and yours aswell. Its not worth risking yours and other inocent peoples lives. A DUI can stay on your record for up to seven years. A person can become ill from alcohol poisoning and damage their organs affecting their life for the worst. The fines need to be much higher and their license should be much harder to get back.

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Driving under the influence, essay, example for Free
Driving, under the, influence, essay, example for Free
Free, driving, under the, influence, essay
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Driving, under the, influence, essay

essay on responsible driving under the influence

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The reason behind is that being a responsible driver is one of the most important issues that every person must have to consider. A common reason people drink is that they think it helps them loosen up or become more outgoing, and people will respect them. There are so many different cases when good essay starters college it comes to getting a DUI. There are so many causes when reciving a DUI, but the worst cause is killing an inocent person such as; an inocent person or another driver also inocent. Aggressive driving is dangerous because it can cause serious injuries not only towards the driver but with other cars that have a close distance to the driver. Is drinking going to make you well-liked?