Essay about rural urban migration introduction

essay about rural urban migration introduction

the shifting from rural to urban became common act. . A number of these people live in squalor and dont have many opportunities to improve their way of life. While the poor Americans would be pushed from their rural areas to the cities in yearning for jobs, the rich would be pushed to the centers due to lack of quality health amenities within his dwellings. Are these assumptions factual or are they merely based on sentiment? City, Population, Rainwater harvesting 1417 Words 5 Pages Open Document THE major factor that contributes TO high rate OF crime IN urban areas introduction In the recent years urban areas have been a transit, and destination for men, women and children trafficked for forced labour.

And since the revenue enhancements wage for the constabulary, so a immense portion of the authorities gross from revenue enhancement will travel towards supplying better security, alternatively of traveling toward supplying services. Unfortunately, the increased populations in the cities have recent resulted into minimal opportunities in the job market. The people there have little access to proper education and healthcare facilities. Which requires, a larger constabulary force and whatever else goes into battling offense. Since the birth of industrial revolution, most investors concentrated the plants in the major cities possible because of the availability of the necessary facilities and services which go hand in hand for successful business transactions. The demands for human resource and labor force were greatly in amazing state. This flow of migrators was sustained due to several grounds, the first being land atomization and the remainder include ; the rise in agricultural rent, rural countries being overpopulated, economic activities being centralized in and around Cairo and the rise of the informal sector with. Open Document, rural and Urban, rural, aND. The sum of condemnable activity in Cairo has risen to insane degrees, and that is owed to these immigrants in the most portion. By and large, better the quality of life of the rural population by any agencies necessary.

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