Natural disasters essay 250 words

natural disasters essay 250 words

words, an increase of one unit (whole number) on the Richter scale signifies a 10-fold jump in the quakes size (or 31 times more energy released). Essay on The natural hazards caused by plate tectonics are more a result of human factors than physical ones. The range of these radars is 400. Pollution, ozone depletion in the stratosphere and global warming come in this category. Through appropriate modes, the information from a number of radar sites can be sent to a central office where powerful computers process the data and yield the overall rainfall potential of the weather system. Mid-Continental Belt: Also called the Mediterranean Belt or Alpine-Himalayan Belt, it accounts for about 21 per cent of the total seismic shocks. An eight battalion-strong National Disaster Response Force (ndrf) was set up comprising 144 specialised response teams on various types of disasters of which around 72 are for nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) disasters. Tropical cyclones over the Bay of Bengal occur in two district seasons, the pre-monsoon months of April-May and the post-monsoon months of October-November. Where two places converge or collide, a deep trench forms and one plate is deflected downwards into the asthenosphere which lies below the crust and the lithosphere. On a regular basis, earthquakes tend to occur by the thousands on an everyday basis!

Sale construction practices and dos and donts for various hazards were also disseminated for creating public awareness. The IMD has published the tracks of the cyclones since 1891 and updates them every year in its quarterly scientific journal, Mausam.

natural disasters essay 250 words

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Natural disasters can strike any part of the world, sometimes predicted others not. The danger of relying too heavily on the system of embankments for flood control has been well documented. A substantial difference in the time taken by the laser beams to travel between the two points is an indication of considerable tectonic plate movement, short essay on hazards of city life and perhaps an imminent earthquake. Over 1, 10,000 records from 600 districts have already been uploaded. The waves of very, very long wavelengths and period rush across the ocean and increase their momentum over a stretch of thousands of kilometers. As is well known, embankments increase the force of the river by channelling it over a narrow area instead of permitting it to spread. There were 17 tsunamis in the Pacific from 1992 to 1996 which resulted in 1,700 deaths. A 'natural disaster' is a major event resulting from natural processes of the Earth. Specific developmental schemes for prevention and mitigation of disasters. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). However, strong ones last only a few days. A tornado (often referred to as a twister or, erroneously, a cyclone) is a type of natural disaster that is very messy and nasty.

Therefore it could be argued that there is no such thing as natural hazard, because people choose to place themselves in areas which potentially present a risk, therefore it doesnt naturally occur and therefore such phenomena should be correctly called anthropogenic hazards. Afforestation in the catchment areas, along the river banks, helps in maintaining the effective river volume. The tsunami can be understood at the basic level by looking at the series of concentric ripples formed in a lake when a stone is thrown into. One of the most recognized natural disasters is The Yellow River Flood.