Limitations section of thesis

limitations section of thesis

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Feedback editor: Opening with the broad significance of the topic will be helpful here. Method, very often, a method is accurate for a research aim, but it also includes many limitations. Would you, as a respondent, feel comfortable to describe your use of toilet paper to a stranger? In other words, describing clearly the limitations of your study should only strengthen your work!

limitations section of thesis

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But Usually, the limitations are the very last section of your thesis, and they appear after the Managerial Recommendations.
you need to note the limitations of your work, it is best to recommend follow up studies without drawing attention away from your work.
A summary of what your findings have to say relative to the literature that you reviewed in section 2 of your thesis.
a scientific thesis, this section may be more brief, including previous research projects and/or reports you will be referencing.
(Formerly Law 705) The writing of a work of original scholarship in the area of research that each student chooses is necessary.