Why should we keep tradition essay

why should we keep tradition essay

mother and father tell, share experiences. . A lot of arguments can success money essay be accounted towards this issue. Without fierce competition, lots of animals, such as tigers and lions, become considerably mild. If the people of India think that the ruling government is not performing its duties satisfactorily, they can show it the door by voting against. If citizens do not vote, they are unnecessarily sacrificing their sacred right. In a wider sphere, considering the world at large, it is quite an overwhelming task to differentiate, analyze and then determine all the mystifying debate over how religion and politics interlink and vary. People rarely discuss about an animal's normal behavior, they do not really observe as their natural needs are seldom met. I believe that animals should be allowed to enjoy their own natural habitat and live with their family freely, not trapped behind bars and cages. For instance, plants are provided by the nature, being eaten by the reindeers then the tigers hunt reindeers for their food.

Keeping the Family Tradition Alive Essay.
Traditions serve as a signpost for the whole world.
We should always be thankful of those holidays like.
Do You Keep Your Promises?

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Wouldnt you think that traditions should be more meaningful to us? Also, I look forward to seeing my cousins every October to go pumpkin picking. Academic learning competenceies: Specific Content Knowledge:. Tigers need to run a lot, but kept in the zoo where it is lack of spacious area. Together and discuss plans for the distant near ry useful tradition every night of readings, discussions, reading, free expression and exchange of views. About 20,000 persons are murdered in the United States every year; therefore, making homicide essays on jewish humor the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, according to, Handgun Regulations, Crime, Assaults, and Homicide in Text and Content.H. Voting as a responsibility: Voting is as much a responsibility as it is a right. If the humans kept the wild animals in the zoo, they will ruin the food chain. However, some people say that developing countries should change some traditions for existing in the real world. From the time of John. Not everyone has the perfect relationship with their family, which is why family traditions are so important and should be continued on from generation to generation. Laws and regulations wont protect our culture.

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