Critical essay on julius caesar

critical essay on julius caesar

Standing before Caesar, the Soothsayer repeats his warning, and the suspense is sustained until Caesar decides not to question him and then dismisses him as a dreamer. Cassius believes the conspiracy cannot succeed without Brutus, only to be destroyed by Brutuss disastrous decisions. Notice how they all keep calling each other by their names. After Caesar s murder, the audience knows Antonys hidden rage and his secret intent to let slip the dogs of war to avenge Caesar s death. Cassius is greedy and ambitious. Here are just some memorable expressions coined by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar. beware the ides of March".

One is that Brutus is a bookworm who spends all his time reading and philosophizing. He trusts most those he should trust least, and he rebuffs those whose advice would have saved his life. Those distinctions belong to Brutus, the central character whose conflicts elevate the brutal assassination of a ruler into an examination of ambition, power, personal responsibility, and political corruption. Fierce fiery warriors fight upon the clouds, In ranks and squadrons and right form of war, Which drizzled blood upon the Capitol. Thus Brutus casts their plot to commit a brutal murder as a virtuous undertaking and the conspirators as courageous and honorable men. He is repelled by the very idea of profiting from Caesar s assassination through base bribes and so much trash as may be graspd through the abuse of power. His varied vocabulary, including the fact that he coined many new words and hundreds of new sayings that have become part of our argot. He doesn't ask: "Will you be pricked in number of our friends, or do you intend to be one of our enemies?" Cassius is suggesting that Antony is free to leave and will not be killed regardless of which choice he expresses. Perhaps Shakespeare reasoned that the real Julius Caesar was such a dynamic figure, such a colossus, that his presence could be felt regardless of whether he was onstage or off, and even regardless of whether he was dead or alive.

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