Website for presentations

website for presentations

the presentation has not moved to a new slide. Prezi uses the concept of Pathway Points instead of slides women security essay to give the visual cinematic appeal of their presentations. It is a part of Windows Essentials software suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook,, and Flickr. You can upload just about any type of file from videos down to other presentation software devices such as Prezi. Knovio - A nice site for adding video or audio to a PowerPoint presentation. The focus with Genially is interactivity, and nearly everything created with this tool can include interactivity. Speaker Deck - A great site for uploading a PDF then turning it into a slideshow that can be embedded into a site or blog.

website for presentations

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Proclaim is all about pastors and assistants uploading their presentations and having the functionality to make many changes to it in order to provide a experience to people listening and watching the sermon. Haiku Deck - A amazing iPad app for creating beautiful looking presentations with the ability to upload Creative Commons licensed photos as well as creating charts and graphs. Its a relatively new software and is geared more toward infographics rather than presentations, but nonetheless its a great tool. Advantages, better for teams; good for collaborating. You can also create videos within the software package. Perfect For, high Volume Sales Marketing Organizations. Personalized and fully measurable. Netclick - While Netclick is more of a "student response system it is a great way to engage an audience through the use of an interactive slideshow. Vivapitch - A nice plugin for PPT and Android to engage audiences on mobile devices. They decided to make a stronger push for the business market. Disadvantages, interface is complex and limited in the ability to create better looking presentation; video isnt seamlessly integrated into presentations.