Juvenile violence essay

juvenile violence essay

(OJP) has a mandate to improve the law enforcement, criminal, and juvenile justice systems response to crime and delinquency at the state and local levels. Young persons and their families should be informed sbout the law and their rights and responsibilites, as web as the universal value system, including United Nations instruments (Howell 1995). Not every delinquency prevention strategy has been successful in reducing delinquency. If programs target high-risk children and their parents early life, and if they provide intensive and extended (2 years or more) counseling, education, and parenting assistance and highly skilled youth development professionals, prevention efforts yield powerful reductions in later aggressiveness, citing illustrationsin research papers delinquency, and criminal behavior can. The number of juvenile violent crime arrests will double by the year 2010 if current arrest and population trends continue. In 13-year-old Mitchells case, he was a bully and was reported to have been upset because of girl problems (rejection). Clearly, prevention can curb crime and delinquency. The family is considered to be the most important factor in this age group. For example, the Boys and Girls of America target high-risk youth in 64 public housing complexes across the nation, and their programs have helped reduce the juvenile crime rate in these areas by 13 percent (Hawkins 1995). However, even a child exposed to multiple risk factors can avoid delinquency if he or she is shielded by enough protective factors.

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juvenile violence essay

They did it especially his sophomore year, and he just hated them." Why do some children bully? Can our communities bear another 260,000 such arrests each year? To be effective, such programs should make supportive relationships (Hawkins 1995). Juvenile Violence-The latest craze? Another thing in common with both murder cases is that the victimizers had easy access to guns. "Harris talked constantly in philosophy class of buying a gun, especially since he recently turned 18-years-old.". School systems should attempt to meet and promote the high standards, and regular monitoring and evaluation by appropriate professional organizations should be insured. Since the family financial need essay for scholarship is the central unit responsible for the primary socialization of children, efforts should be made to preserve the integrity of the family and extended family, including adequate day care facilities.

We all need to come to grips with the frightening reality of juvenile violence. One thing that was associated with all of the murders was bullying. There is little evidence that interventions focused on peer relations in this age group are effective in decreasing antisocial or violent behavior.

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