Saving the polar bears essay

saving the polar bears essay

live until their thirties (Bruemmer 23,1989). They have strong powerful claws that allow them to catch seals. The average life span of a polar bear is between fifteen to eighteen years. They stay inside the den till spring. They went out and tried to tag the bears which was hard cause they were so giant. Although polar bears do not hibernate in the true sense, some bears especially female pregnant bears can dig dens and hibernate. Females produce one or four young cubs which hare small. They have been known to hunt reindeer, birds, kelp and beached whales. The Arctic and its Wildlife.

Sunlight can directly make contact with the polar bears skin using guard hairs which act as hollow tubes. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. However the problem of overheating remains because of the strong insulation. Their ability to store huge amounts of fat helps protect them during food scarcity (Sage 147, 1986).

They can smell seals kilometers away, and detect one under three feet of snow. New York: Academic Press, 1982.

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Flat hind feet and legs help the polar bear to use them as rudders. The giant bears have thick white fur, which helps the bear survive the cold, and it has a thick layer of blubber all around its body where it stores up food when needed. It is a solitary animal which lives near streams, lakes and rivers. Scientists have appreciated how polar bears using their adaptations can survive for two decades or more on the glacial ice of the Arctic Circle (Derocher 140, 1990). Willowdale, ON: Firefly Books Ltd. The Polar ears have gotten close to 150.

saving the polar bears essay

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