Why i like swimming essay

why i like swimming essay

for a minute and look back to the start. Maybe "mindless" is a more apt word: when my body's cruising and my head goes elsewhere, solving, chuckling to itself, thinking or actually not. I get asthma since I was in the first grade of elementary school. They are crawl stroke, chest stroke, back crawl stroke, and butterfly stroke. It needs good collaboration between arms and legs. A shower could be a great distance away. The other hobbies just need simple equipment, like golf.

It makes me not sink. It needs five equipments. I'll make time to feel alive again tomorrow. So I shove my costume on, stick my chin up and stand there, the same as everyone. The sun, if there is one, glancing off my wet arching arm.

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It makes my hair still dry. If you are in an outdoor pool where there are trees you'll certainly get paid a visit by a horse or deer fly who will sting you in the head until you basically come close to drowning yourself to see how long you can. I float free of all the shit I carry around (I'm tempted to say "literally" at this point, though of course not exactly). I like the "c" word. It needs strong legs to push and to row. Beside that, I can learn about swimming stroke that make me swim well. That can feel quite liberating. I'm part of a community defined by this one thing and nothing else. And yes, OK, we mostly do all have our arms crossed. When I'm swimming, I'm in the moment fully, purely experiencing. If you go swimming at the beach you get sand up inside your swimsuit and intimate parts that you can't get off without a shower.

We are all equal in a swimming cap, as I've been known to say. Nevertheless, three more things make me love swimming very much; as if some advantages that I get from this sport activity, swimmings stroke that I cannot get in the other hobbies and swimmings equipment that different. People like to watch a world famous swimming match. My breathing has shifted into the right place; any slight cold-water heart-race or panting has calmed down. They are golf ball and a long stick. That is why we must use swimming suit when we swimming. Even in the thinking, I can feel the wall under my foot, really trying to get this bit right because it's so satisfying, a good glide.