Thesis body background image

thesis body background image

solid; border-color CD853F; opacity:0.6; filter:alpha(opacity60 ansparentbox p margin:30px 40px; font-weight:bold; color CD853F; /style /head body div class"image" div class"transparentbox" p Hello. You can add a background image to achieve just about any look you want. Definition and Usage, the background-image property sets one or more background images for an element. Read about initial inherit Inherits this property from its parent element. Example, set two background images for the body element: body background-image: url img_f url f background-color: #cccccc; Try it Yourself more "Try it Yourself" examples below. Set 1 from that file contains the following code: body.custom background: #44443f;.custom #container margin-top: 2em; margin-bottom: 2em; padding:.3em; background: #33332f; border:.4em solid #3e3e3a;.custom #page background: #fff; Copy and paste that code into your s file, and youll notice that your site now looks.

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On the other hand, using an image in your background will result in slightly longer loading times than sticking to CSS only. Read about inherit More Examples Example Sets two background images for the body element. Please note that Ive added some text to the figure to help explain what each CSS definition does. Try it, browser Support, the numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property. When you actually upload them to your server, you should place them inside the /custom/images folder. Dont do anything with that custom_s file just yetyoull need it for the next section of the tutorial. Ansparentbox, by the help of this tag we make the transparent box, margin attribute is use for the set the margin of the data, background-color: is use for set the back ground color, opacity is use for give the transparency of the box, filter:alpha(opacity60.

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