Essay about education in egypt

essay about education in egypt

within the North Africa mainly. It has been known that putting technology in schools will benefit the students in many ways such as facing the real life problems and it will also drive him to a higher level of thinking. Transformative learning is a process most individuals have experienced once in their lifetime and it is a process that I can closely relate. Educational Problems in Egypt, egypt has the most significant educational system in the (mena Middle East and North Africa according to the Human Development Index (HDI). These gods were responsible for all aspects of their existence (Cunningham). It is believed that overpopulation is one, if not the biggest problem affecting education in Egypt. This essay will first demonstrate the main causes of the educational problem, examine the effects of these problems on the society, discuss and analyze the previously proposed solutions and finally enlighten a solution that will most likely work in our Egyptian society. And the government must have serious exams and tests for these teachers because not anyone is able to teach and stand students in different ages. To start with, as for the English orthography, there are twenty-six letters to represent almost twenty vowels and twenty-four consonants, which is not the case in Arabic where each letter represents one sound only and each sound can only be represented by one letter. "Investigation into educational problems in Egypt." All Answers Ltd. The way that the subject is taught is totally wrong.

Egypt and, education Essay Egypt, the gift of the Nile, is situated in the northern part of the African continent.
Egypt was a desert country watered only by the Nile River which flooded the country from August to October, leaving behind a very rich black earth.
Hence, Egypt has to reform its educational system in order to develop.

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Changing the way of teaching and the subject is the most important steps that must be taken to improve the educational style and the way of thinking of the students. Examples of such iese essay problems are to be classified and highlighted under each of the above reasons. Egypt will continue to face an educational crisis, as lack of well trained teachers, effective schools and developed educational. Some of such problems, among others, are highlighted below:. We will look at each in turn to see the benefits of Foundations in Education to create a learning community.

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