Advantages of learning a second language essay

advantages of learning a second language essay

is introduced and the learners are made aware of the tasks that they will interact with. Some may say, due to the TBL model, that instruction is not essential because "tasks remove teacher domination" Willis (1996: 18 and therefore the need for lengthy instruction is not needed. This is not to say that instruction should be constant, rather the issue of instruction is importance rather than desirable.

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The teacher helps the learners to realise and accustom them to key words and phrases. Students' involvement with the tasks gives them the ability to withdraw parts of language that are needed to comprehend the overall objective of the lesson. For example, I may get students to research a persuasive piece of text, and ask them to find terms, phrases and rhetorical devices that make it persuasive. However, there are some disadvantages to using English as a world language. The first task type is listing which involves brainstorming and fact finding. All these terminologies carry the same connotation that activities and tasks can help the language learner towards communicating the target language effectively. However, this claim why become a police officer essay is based on unproved hypotheses, and there is no compelling empirical evidence for the validity of the model". Therefore, these merits vindicate the importance of the English language. Even those who already know a second language can only be benefited by the new knowledge of another language.

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