Aids awareness general essay

aids awareness general essay

white blood cells known as T-helper cells or CD4 cells, which are part of the immune system. Young people and women are the most vulnerable. Get your school to sponsor a child in Africa to give them the best chance in life just like you take for granted. It also allows people who arent HIV positive to support and ally with those people who are. Jeswin Jacob, this presentation targeted teenagers primarily in the range of 14-18 years. Length: 925 words (2.6 double-spaced pages rating: Excellent, essay Preview. They learn about aids in school, right? People in the United Kingdom are contracting the disease and it is becoming more and more widespread even among the young. Epstein, an author, writes an article about a foundation called Lovelife that advertises the importance of safe sex. Aids is considered a pandemic a disease outbreak which is present over a large area and is actively spreading.

This reduces the chance of HIV infection in its early stages. Many of them leave school and have no hope of ever getting a decent education or job.

People are ashamed to speak about being infected and many see it as a scandal when it happens in their family. Although the aids pandemic reached its peak in 2005 and has declined since, there are still around 37 million people worldwide who are HIV positive.

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Prevention and Treatment Efforts, fortunately, there has been a concerted drive by the UN, the Indian government and various non-profits organizations to reduce the risk that these sections of the populace face. Nevertheless, approximately 80 percent of people who are HIV positive do show symptoms not unlike those of the flu. The virus enters through vaginal or anal openings and through open cuts, once the virus enters a persons blood stream they are infected with HIV however they may not necessarily have aids (webmd). HIV is a slow retrovirus, which means that not only does it take months to show any symptoms and years to develop fully. This means that without the protection of a condom, the virus can be transmitted through oral, anal or vaginal sex. While the measures put in place have helped in controlling the epidemic, India cannot rest on its laurels.

aids awareness general essay

The most common dispo sal method of medical needles at the time was through the use of red. HIV/aids Awareness How would you feel if you saw a four-y ear-old girl have to watch her mother die a slow painful death from aids?