Essay on ontological argument

essay on ontological argument

and unknown. But I agree with Malcolm's observation saying that "God's existence is necessary". He also adds his own thought that God is the only sufficient reason for the existence of managerial roles and skills essay contingent beings. Anselm uses the example of the fool to prove his point on Gods existence. The concept of Supreme Being is a very useful idea. The absolute necessity of the judgement is only a "conditioned necessity of a thing or of the predicate in the judgement. In his first line of thought he rejects as inconclusive, agreeing with Kant, but the second thought which he shows not merely the existence, but the necessary existence of God is correct22. The word "is" just posits the predicate in its relations to the subject.

When I say "there is no God" I am rejecting the subject along with all its predicates. Firstly, it must be emphasised that Anselms definition does not limit God to being the greatest but makes it known that nothing greater can be thought than God himself. Thomas Aquinas's "self-evident" proof gives a better understanding of ontological argument. . Anselms first form of the ontological argument was criticised by his contemporary Gaunilo. By using this theory, Immanuel Kant has clearly demolished Descartes argument of the existence of both the perfect supreme being and the triangle.

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