Solar energy essays

solar energy essays

by 2040, the IEA projects. What is changing is that they now see compelling financial reasons to care. The region is among the last in the world to burn large amounts of oil to produce electricity; most countries abandoned that practice decades ago, deciding to save oil for transportation, a use for which no mainstream alternative to petroleum so far has taken hold. Because of this lack of a pushbecause old energy is plentiful and because most people dont see climate change as an imminent threat to their livelihoodsthe challenge for those who care about unlocking renewable energys vast potential is to create a pull. First, these forecasted growth rates start from a baseline that approximates nil. It was this Age of Subsidy that turned wind and solar power from a science project into a global industry. Quality Worth Shouting About.

Well researched and properly referenced. Installing solar panels on a home in Scripps Ranch, Calif. (Reuters photo: Mike Blake) Discarded solar panels are piling up all over the world, and they represent a major threat to the environment. Clean energy may not be so clean after all.

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Those subsidies slashed renewable energys prices to levels that, in some locations and in some circumstances, now are lower than the prices of electricity produced by coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. More than any other factor, it is this Chinese support that has transformed renewable energy from a European oddity into a global powerhouse. 4, see also edit, references edit, external links edit, retrieved from " p?titlePhoto-essay oldid ". The biggest source of renewable electricity is dams, and they also are environmentally controversial. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (opec) embargoes of the seventies were geopolitical spasms that made oil, previously Frances main source of electricity, too risky a fuel on which to base an industrial economy. Yet a trade fight over solar panels reflects a new world order. The Age of Viability, though just starting, already is transforming global energy markets. The other represents a radically new energy future.

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